With immediate effect, due to a change in the VAT rules in the EU, we are no longer able to sell our CDs to EU countries – list of European exclusions below. The financial implications mean a huge loss for every order and it is with regret that we have taken this decision.

BUT – all UPBEAT JAZZ CDs and some JAZZ CRUSADE CDs are available throughout Europe on AMAZON. Simply go to your local AMAZON and choose the CD department and put in our catalogue number – that’s the one beginning with URCD.

A few countries have very young versions of AMAZON but www.amazon.fr and www.amazon.de definitely have all of our UPBEAT JAZZ stock.

All our UPBEAT JAZZ CDs and some JAZZ CRUSADE CDs are also available from www.amazon.co.uk

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES Exempt from new EU VAT rules are Andorra, Armenia, Azberbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Switzerland, Ukraine, Vatican City

If anyone has any problems or queries, please email us at admin@upbeat.co.uk

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